Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Affair

In an effort to make up for my recent lack of posts, I figured I'd brag on some of my family members and their wicked creativity & coolness.

My brother-in-law, Mike, is a wine maker (not sure of the actual term). He's married to my middle sister, Kristen and they have a beautiful little girl named Eliana. I'd put a picture of her on here, but my sister never seems to send them to me - could she be trying to tell me something???? Anyways, if you want some killer wine check out his website, Odisea. I love them all, order a couple - he'll send them to you :)

Dean is my uncle who lives in San Diego, we all feel bad for him because he gets to spend the year in perpetual perfect weather (yeah, right). He's an artist - he got to spend some time in Italy painting. He painted my sister, Brandi, a beautiful view of Florence and the Il Duomo. Maybe when I'm old like Brandi (here's to being over the hill) he'll paint me something too :)

George is Ron's cousin. He is awesome, I really enjoy getting to spend time with him (even though its only short periods here and there). He's a potter. He also needs us to feel sorry for him because he lives on the beach - works as a professor at College of Mainland. Maybe we can move in with him if I get into Med School in Galveston. What's really awesome...he's in the Smithsonian! You can check out his work, just scroll down to his name. I am lucky enough to have 2 pieces...but I have my eye on one of his frogs (not the animal, but the thing to hold flowers).

Another fabulously talented Bowes is our cousin David. I'm just getting to know him, but he's pretty wicked awesome too :) He lives in a totally boring town called San Fransisco and is a musician. Not the starving artist kind, but the kind that really gets to play and make a living (well, I'm assuming this part and you know where that can get you). He plays in the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

I hope they don't mind me bragging on them...I often live with a better to ask for forgiveness than permission mentality - hope it doesn't backfire on me.

Take care

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Anonymous said...

I really like George's work. I didn't know Ron had smart people in his family. Thanks for the write up and photo. I got the subtle hint about a painting. The painting that Brandie has isn't my normal. My work is more Abstract Expressionism. Brandie and family surprised me a wi fi laptop to take to Florence with me, so......
I'll puruse the electronic stores and see if there is anything that stikes my fancy. Just joking. I paint constantly these days. So you may get to pick something that (I don't like) for yourself. I have one for Kristin but we don't seem to be able to connect. Something is always getting in the way. Love, Uncle Dean