Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of a Long Three Days

Well, I'm officially back at school. I had classes on Thursday and Friday, was supposed to have Chemistry lab this morning but apparently it doesn't start until next week (thanks for getting the word out).

I sat Friday morning in Chemistry lecture just watching the students pour in...all 300 of them!!! I have never in all my college experience had a class this large! Its going to be nuts! Its so big, they have small groups you can sign up to be a part of to review the information/ask questions - I will be partaking in any extra help I can get...I'm already looking for a tutor, LOL :)

My courses this semester are pretty much Freshman level (except for Behavioral Neuroscience) and the new Frosh all look like babies to me - I'm sure they are great, but I just don't get when I started to get old and they started to look so young. Gone are the days of getting to color my hair to make a dramatic statement, now its just to cover my gray...

I wonder how I can break the ice - you were born in '90 - huh - interesting. What could we possibly have in common??? The great equalizer - be my friend and I'll buy you beer - of course I'm totally kidding, I would NEVER buy beer for someone underage - that's what Sorority & Frat parties are for.

Anyways, I need to get back to reading...

Take care!

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