Saturday, September 13, 2008


I thought I would just mention, as I said I would earlier, the greatest Pee-Wee football team in Oklahoma City - The Falcons!

My nephew, Brendan, plays football (he's #11)- and he pretty darn good. The team was in a tournament over in Argyle, TX last weekend and they won they whole thing.

The cool thing was they beat a team from OKC they had never beat before - so I know the boys were so proud of themselves. I was going to post some 'action' shots but Ron moved them all to my sister's laptop and I just have a few shots from the trophy ceremony.

Here's my shout out to the Falcons - keep up the good work! Most of all, Happy 11th Birthday to my little nephew...I guess he's not so little anymore - but I hope he knows how incredibly proud Uncle Ron and I are of him and just how much I love him.

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