Sunday, August 14, 2011

Information Overload

First exam is Friday.  My. Head. Is. About. To. Explode!!

Welcome to 4 years where you feel dumb, dumber, dumberer every day.  That's pretty much what I have accepted.  It isn't supposed to be easy, so I will continue to press on and do my best.  After all, no one can ask any more of me.

There's a flux to studying in medical school.  I've noticed it quickly - everyone works at different paces and on different things.  I have decided it's not a good idea to compare myself to classmates.  One stands in lab and spouts off about everything relating to Waiter's Tip hand (I feel dumb), it takes one about .5 seconds to identify the Thyrocervical trunk (feel dumber), another knows more (and is incredibly passionate) about Transcription & Translation (feel dumberer).   But it isn't often you can find one person to do them all, and all at the same moment in time - that's the key.  I have strengths and weaknesses - as do my classmates - we balance each other out.

All that to say, if I can offer a piece of advice, you will not make it through medical school on your own.  Your classmates are your family.  Some you will be close to and some not so much.  That's okay, but you need each other.  I am so thankful to have classmates who want me to succeed as much as I want them to succeed.  Thankful for a school where gunners need not apply.

It's 9:35am on Sunday, I'm at school.  I'm working hard and trusting the work I'm doing will pay off.  While it seems impossible, I cling to this...Impossible is not a word.  It's just a reason for someone not to try.

All my best....


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